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Welcome to the home of Rude Guy

Welcome to the home of Rude Guy

Well fuck my old boots you've found me or perhaps you are returning either way, it's great to have you here.
This shiny new website will improve over time so please consider subscribing to the newsletter to keep in touch with updates and new content. Please share this website with friends as it won't be long before YouTube kick me off their platform for my rudeness and copyright infringement. Warning! Rude Guy is not for minors (or anyone else who works within the coal industry).

Pat On Van

a warning from Pat

If you are under 18’s please DO NOT watch these videos unless of course, your parents are out! Also, if you are easily offended or, even worse, WOKE, you’d probably be best to fuck off now!

I have been dubbing rude videos since 1984 and I started with Postman Pat way back then on VHS Tape using a VCR.
I was the first, the original, the genisis of the foul mouthed postman and I'm proud to still be bringing him to life 40 years later so, thank you for watching!
Grass and Rock
Rocks and weeds

MY VIDEOS WILL always be Free for everyone

There were so many frustrations and therefore reasons to leave youtube but, when they demonetised my channel and started to delete my content I had no choice but to create a new home for my silly rude work. Even if I remain on youtube you would still have to sit through ads that earn youtube a fortune but here, there are no ads, no joining fee, no subscription fee, no copyright issues just an open free platform where all my videos are hosted and streamed directly from this website. So please browse or search the video library for something to watch.
It’s taken weeks to prepare and quite an investment in capital but i refuse to pass that cost onto you! Instead you can watch everything for free and choose whether you wish to become an official member of the Rude Universe for £1 per month to support me to keep this dream going.

Times are tough and every penny counts so why give it to me to create this shit?
In making it 25p a week I’m hoping a few might take up membership and keep this ship afloat and I'll keep adding value to memberships like early access, livestreams, podcasts, giveaways etc but, my videos will be seen by everyone for free whether they are members or not. So many of you wish to support me that i thought this was the fairest and cheapest way i could make that possible. Honestly, i'd rather have 1000 loyal followers of this channel than 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, a.nd some of you have been with me a long time and i am truly greatful, RG


Be the first to know about new Rude Guy shit by joining my mailing list.
I'll never give your details to anyone else, spam you, inform you that youre TV licence won't renew or send you naked pics.

Thanks for submitting!

Become a member
(only £1 Per Month)



“Oh now he wants my money, the bastard”
Look I get it and I’m not charging you to watch my daft shit, I never will but for £1 a month you get exclusive perks like samples of Postman Pat’s brand new cologne called "Come To Me” (I’ve tried it and to be honest, it doesn’t smell like cum to me)
Memberships help support my costs like this website, various other software and hardwear I need to buy but, more importantly, I can take more time away from other paid work to create this bollocks!



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For those that don’t feel like becoming a member but just want to leave me a tip to support my work then click here. It’s greatly appreciated, rapidly spent and the Rude Universe grows a little larger thanks to you. Some of you are asking why you cant choose your own amount to pay but sadly there is no option for that so i have created three choices to make it easire please, please, please pick the third one!

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